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4002 - Mouwasat Medical Services Company
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Indicators 2012/12/312011/12/312010/12/312009/12/31
Dividend Per Share1.5321.4
Earning Per Share3.435.924.744.28
Current Ratio2.353.213.232.46
Leverage %23.8519.4626.5220.92
Book value per share16.2728.4324.320.13
P/B Ratio3.31.661.481.52
Return on Equity %21.0920.8319.5121.27
Return on Assets %14.0115.0313.314.86
Working Capital Turnover Ratio0000
Quick Ratio0000
Cash Ratio0000
Inventory Turnover Ratio0000
Account Receivable Turnover Ratio0000
Account Payable Turnover Ratio0000
Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio0000
Total Asset Turnover Ratio0000
Net Profit Margin Ratio0000
Operating Income Margin Ratio0000
Net Income Before Zakat Margin Ratio0000
Gross Profit Margin Ratio0000
Return on Investment %0000
Total Debts to Asset Ratio0000
Equity to Asset Ratio0000
Debt to Equity Ratio0000
Last Update Date 2013-02-20 2012-02-25 2011-02-23 2010-02-24

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