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6002 - Herfy Food Services Co.
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Indicators 2012/12/312011/12/312010/12/312009/12/31
Dividend Per Share3.5332.22
Earning Per Share6.044.894.64.25
Current Ratio1.862.192.432.16
Leverage %14.0712.712.4610.07
Book value per share17.3814.6514.0811.73
P/B Ratio3.923.793.270
Return on Equity %34.7433.3632.6836.2
Return on Assets %25.6124.9924.9127.92
Working Capital Turnover Ratio----
Quick Ratio----
Cash Ratio----
Inventory Turnover Ratio----
Account Receivable Turnover Ratio----
Account Payable Turnover Ratio----
Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio----
Total Asset Turnover Ratio----
Net Profit Margin Ratio----
Operating Income Margin Ratio----
Net Income Before Zakat Margin Ratio----
Gross Profit Margin Ratio----
Return on Investment %----
Total Debts to Asset Ratio----
Equity to Asset Ratio----
Debt to Equity Ratio----
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