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7010 - Saudi Telecom
Saudi Telecom
Trading Name Saudi Telecom
Sector Telecommunication & Information Technology
Number of Employees -
Company Activities
Saudi Telecom Company (STC), the main provider of telecommunication services in Saudi Arabia, and it has various investments in subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures, the details of these investments are as follows: Arabian Internet and Communications Services LLC. (Awal)- KSA by ownership of 100% STC Bahrain (VIVA)  (BSCC) - Kingdom of Bahrain by ownership of 100% Telecom Investment Company Ltd. - KSA by ownership of 100% NTS (AXIS) - Indonesia by ownership of 80.1% Gulf Digital Media Holding (BSCC) - Kingdom of Bahrain by ownership of 51% Kuwait Telecom Company (VIVA) (KSCC) - Kuwait by ownership of 26% Oger Telecom Ltd. - UAE by ownership of 35% Binariang GSM Holding Group- Malaysia by ownership of 25% Arab Submarine Cables Company Ltd. - KSA by ownership of 50% Call Center Company- KSA by ownership of 50% Arab Satellite Communications Organization (Arabsat) - KSA by ownership of 36.66% The main activities of the Group comprise the provision of a variety local, national and international telecommunications services, which include mobile, fixed local national and international telephone services and data services such as data transmission, leased lines, internet services and e-commerce, throughout its network infrastructure, supported by main in the region various investments in submarine and continental terrestrial cables.
Company History
Saudi Telecom Company was established as a Saudi Joint Stock Company pursuant to Royal Decree No. M/35 dated 24 Dhul Hijja 1418 H (April 21, 1998) which authorized the transfer of the Telegraph and Telephone division of the Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone (MoPTT) with its various components and technical and administrative facilities, to the Company, and in accordance with the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 213 dated 23 Dhul Hijja 1418 H (April 20, 1998) which approved the companys Articles of Association. The company was wholly owned by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Pursuant to the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 171 dated 2 Rajab 1423 H (September 9, 2002) the Government sold 30% of its shares. At least 20% were appropriated for natural Saudi nationals and no more than 10% were appropriated equally for the Public Pension Fund and General Organization for Social Security. The Initial Public Offering (IPO) was ended on 3 Dhul Quada 1423 H (January 6, 2003) and The Council of Ministers, as the extraordinary general assembly of the company, approved, in accordance with resolution No. 171 mentioned above, the acceptance to increase the Companys capital from SR12,000 million to SR15,000 million, by transferring from retained earning to capital. In 13 Rabi Awal 1427 H (April 11, 2006), the Companys extraordinary General Assembly, approved the increase of the Companys share capital from SR 15,000 million to SR 20,000 million through a stock dividend of one bonus share for each three outstanding shares through a transfer from the retained earnings to the capital The company commenced its operations as the provider of telecommunications services throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 6 Muharram 1419 H (May 2, 1998) and received its commercial registration No. 1010150269 as a Saudi Joint Stock Company on 4 Rabi Awal 1419 H (June 29, 1998) The companys head office is located in Riyadh.
Date Established
Listing Date
Financial Year End
External Auditors
Deloitte and Touche

Contact Information
Contact Name Ahmed S. AlAey
Address P.o.Box 87912 Riyadh 11652

Telephone 4521815
Fax 4525869

Last Update     2012/04/09
Equity Profile
Authorized Capital 20,000,000,000
Issued Shares 2,000,000,000
Floated Issued Shares 325,078,250
Paid Capital 20,000,000,000
Par Value/Share 10
Paid up Value/Share 10

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Board Members

Saudi Telecom
Last Update 2012/04/09
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