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7010 - Saudi Telecom Co.
Saudi Telecom Co.
Trading Name Saudi Telecom Company
ISIN CODE SA0007879543
Sector Telecommunication & Information Technology
Number of Employees -
Company Activities
The main activities of the Group comprise the provision and introduction of telecommunications, information and media services, which include, among other things: (a)Establish, manage, operate and maintain fixed and mobile telecommunication networks and systems. (b)Deliver, provide, maintain and manage diverse telecommunication services to the customers. (c)Prepare the required plans and studies to develop, execute and provide telecommunication services from all technical, financial and managerial aspects. In addition, to prepare and execute training plans in the telecommunication field, provide or obtain consulting services which are directly or indirectly related to its business and activities. (d)Expand and develop telecommunication networks and systems by utilizing the updated modern devices and equipment in telecom technology, especially in the field of providing and managing services. (e)Provide information, technologies and systems that depend on customers information, including preparing, printing and distributing phone and commercial directories, brochures, information, data and providing the required communication means to transfer (internet) services which do not conflict with the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (163) dated 23/10/1418H, the general computer services, and any telecommunication activities or services the Company provides whether for media, trade, advertising or any other purposes the Company considers appropriate. (f)Wholesale and retail trade, import, export, purchase, own, lease, manufacturing, marketing, selling, developing, design, setup and maintenance of devices, equipment, and components of different telecommunication networks including fixed, moving and special networks, computer programs and the other intellectual properties, in addition to providing services and contracting works that are related to the different telecom networks. (g)Invest in the Companys real estate properties and the resulting activities, such as selling, buying, leasing, managing, developing and maintenance. Moreover, the Group has the right to establish other companies and to join with other companies, entities, or other local or foreign bodies, that are engaged in similar activities or completing to its core business or that may assist the Group to achieve its purpose and the Group can acquire the entire of the related company or part of it
Company History
Saudi Telecom Company was established as a Saudi Joint Stock Company pursuant to Royal Decree No. M/35 dated 24 Dhul Hijja 1418 H (April 21, 1998) which authorized the transfer of the Telegraph and Telephone division of the Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone (MoPTT) with its various components and technical and administrative facilities, to the Company, and in accordance with the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 213 dated 23 Dhul Hijja 1418 H (April 20, 1998) which approved the company Articles of Association. The company was wholly owned by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Pursuant to the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 171 dated 2 Rajab 1423 H (September 9, 2002) the Government sold 30% of its shares. At least 20% were appropriated for natural Saudi nationals and no more than 10% were appropriated equally for the Public Pension Fund and General Organization for Social Security. The Initial Public Offering (IPO) was ended on 3 Dhul Quada 1423 H (January 6, 2003) and The Council of Ministers, as the extraordinary general assembly of the company, approved, in accordance with resolution No. 171 mentioned above, the acceptance to increase the Company capital from SR12,000 million to SR15,000 million, by transferring from retained earning to capital. In 13 Rabi Awal 1427 H (April 11, 2006), the Company extraordinary General Assembly, approved the increase of the Company share capital from SR 15,000 million to SR 20,000 million through a stock dividend of one bonus share for each three outstanding shares through a transfer from the retained earnings to the capital The company commenced its operations as the provider of telecommunications services throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 6 Muharram 1419 H (May 2, 1998) and received its commercial registration No. 1010150269 as a Saudi Joint Stock Company on 4 Rabi Awal 1419 H (June 29, 1998) The company s head office is located in Riyadh
Date Established
Listing Date
Financial Year End
External Auditors
Ernst & Young

Contact Information
Contact Name Abdulaziz Antr A Alanazi
Address P.o.Box 87912 Riyadh 11652

Telephone 0114521845
Fax 0112152732

Last Update     2016/04/20
Equity Profile
Authorized Capital 20,000,000,000
Issued Shares 2,000,000,000
Floated Issued Shares 323,536,292
Paid Capital 20,000,000,000
Par Value/Share 10
Paid up Value/Share 10

Last Update    2015-03-09
Investment limits

There are no investment limits on the company's listed shares as per the Rules for Qualified Foreign Financial Institutions Investment in Listed Shares issued by the Board of the Capital Market Authority (CMA) pursuant to its resolution number (1-42-2015) dated 15/07/1436H corresponding to 04/05/2015G, Article (21) sub-paragraphs a (6) and a (7).

Board Information
Non - Executive
Board Of Director
Non - Executive
Non - Executive
Non - Executive
Non - Executive
Non - Executive

Subsidiary Information
Name Ob (of) Subsidiary Percentage Of Property Main Business Location Of Operation Country Of Operation (incorporation)
Arabian Internet and Communications Services Co. Ltd. (STC Solutions) (Previously STC Advanced Solutions). 100.00% The company is engaged in providing internet services, operation of communications projects and transmission and processing of information in the Saudi market Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Telecom Commercial Investment Company Ltd 100.00% The company operates in the Saudi market and was established for the purpose of operation and maintenance of telecommunication networks, computer systems networks and internet networks, maintenance, operation and installation of telecommunication and information technology systems and programs. Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
VIVA Bahrain (BSCC) 100.00% This company operates in the field of all mobile telecommunication services, international telecommunications, broadband and other related services in the Bahraini market Bahrain Bahrain
Aqalat Company Limited 100.00% This company operates in the field of establishing, owning, investing, managing of real estate and contracting, and providing consulting services, and importing and exporting services to the benefit of the Saudi Telecom Company. The commercial operations for the company have not yet been commenced Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Public Telecommunication Company (BRAVO) 100.00% This company operates in the electrical business and communication networks, wholesale and retail trade in fixed telecommunications equipment, electrical appliances, import, marketing, installation and maintenance of fixed and mobile telecommunications and information technology licensed devices Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Safayer Company Ltd 100.00% This company operates in the retail and wholesale trade of computer systems and devices, fixed and mobile telecommunication,internet equipment,advertising and publicity material,spare parts, electrical equipment,automatic payment equipment, automatic points of sale equipment,selling of telecommunication operators services, establish telecom and sales centers, and services sales.The commercial registration was issued on Jan 14, 2015 therefore, this company has not been consolidated in FS for 2014 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Intigral Holding Company (BSCC) 71.00% This company operates in the retail and wholesale trade of computer systems and devices, fixed and mobile telecommunication, internet equipment, advertising and publicity material, spare parts, electrical equipment, automatic payment equipment, automatic points of sale equipment, selling of telecommunication operators services, establish telecom and sales centers, and services sales.The commercial registration was issued on January 14, 2015 therefore, this company has not been consolidated in FS The United Arab Emirates Bahrain
Sale Advanced Co. Ltd. (Sale Co.) 60.00% This company operates in the wholesale and retail trade of recharge card services, telecommunication equipment and devices, computer services, sale and re-sale of all fixed and mobile telecommunication services, and commercial centers maintenance and operation. The company operates in the Saudi Market with branches in Bahrain and Oman Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Kuwait Telecom Company (VIVA) (KJC) 51.80% This company operates in the field of mobile services in the Kuwaiti market Kuwait Kuwait

Saudi Telecom Co.
Last Update 2016/04/20
Source IFSAH

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