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2015/05/06 (1436/07/17)
15:57:12      The Capital Market Authority announces the Initial Public Offering of Saudi Ground Services Company
15:52:20      Imposition of a Penalty on Advanced Petrochemical Company
15:45:41      Imposition of a Penalty on Trade Union Cooperative Insurance Company
15:44:30      Imposition of a Penalty on Saudi Arabian Mining Company
15:43:20      Imposition of a Penalty on Saudi Enaya Cooperative Insurance Company
15:42:22      Imposition of a penalty on Gulf Union Cooperative Insurance Company
15:40:38      The Capital Market Authority approves the capital decrease request of KSB Capital Group
2015/05/05 (1436/07/16)
09:52:38      The Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) announces the beginning of the first subscription period and tradable rights trading for Saudi United Cooperative Insurance Company (Walaa Insurance)
2015/05/04 (1436/07/15)
17:36:36      An announcement of the issuance of the Board of the CMA resolution to adopt the Rules for Qualified Foreign Financial Institutions Investment in Listed Shares and related forms, and the Frequently Asked Questions document in relation to the Rules
15:46:33      An announcement by the Capital Market Authority regarding the issuance of the decision by The Appeal Committee for the Resolution of Securities Conflicts (ACRSC) to convict a violator of the Capital Market Law and its implementing regulations
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