Arab National Bank announces the resignation of the Managing Director and CEO of the Bank

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Introduction Arab National Bank announces that the Managing Director, Dr. Robert Maroun Eid, has submitted his resignation from the Board of Directors on 22/9/2020 due to personal reasons.

The Board of Directors has resolved on 22/9/2020 to accept his resignation with effect from 2/2/2021.

The Board of Directors extends its gratitude and appreciation to Dr Robert Eid for his sincere and continuous efforts to enhance the Bank's performance and preserve its achievements throughout a period spanning over 15 years.

The Board of Directors wishes Dr. Eid happiness and success in the future.

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Resigning Member Name Dr. Robert Maroun Eid
Membership Type Executive
Resignation Submission Date 2020-09-22 Corresponding to 1442-02-05
Resignation Acceptance Date 2020-09-22 Corresponding to 1442-02-05
Resignation Effective Date 2021-02-02 Corresponding to 1442-06-20
Membership Starting Date for the Resigning Member 2020-04-01 Corresponding to 1441-08-08
Reasons of Resignation personal reasons

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