Alandalus Property announces the latest developments regarding the temporary shutdown of malls (Jeddah Malls opening hours amended)

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Introduction Following the Company’s announcement on Tadawul website on Shawwal 9, 1441H, corresponding to June 1, 2020G, on the gradual reopening of malls and commercial centers from 6:00 am to 8pm until Shawwal 28, 1441H (June 20, 2020G) and allowing indoor orders at restaurants and cafes, as stated in the aforementioned announcement.

Pursuant to government directives issued on Shawwal 13, 1441H (June 5, 2020G) which re-tightened health precautions in Jeddah for 15 days, from Shawwal 14 (June 6, 2020G) to the end of Shawwal 28, 1441G (June 20, 2020G), based on the health assessment submitted by the health authorities after reviewing the epidemic status.

The Company announces that the working hours at Alandalus Mall and Marwa Plaza will be amended during the non-curfew period in Jeddah, i.e. from six am to 3: pm until the end of Saturday, 28 Shawwal 1441H (June 20, 2020G), and opening of indoor orders at restaurants and cafes in the said malls is suspended in this phase, and all precautionary measures laid down by the competent authorities will be complied with.

The Company hereby is committed to implementing all government decisions that may be issued in this regard in the future.

Previous Announcement Temporary lockdown of malls and commercial centers (o be gradually reopened)
Date of Previous Announcement on Tadawul's Website 2020-06-01 Corresponding to 1441-10-09
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