Alandalus Property Co. announces the start of online voting on the agenda of the 13th Ordinary General Assembly meeting (reminder announcement)

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Announcement Detail Referring to the Company's announcement on Tadawul website on April 22, 2020G (29 Shaaban 1441H) of the invitation to attend the 13th Ordinary General Assembly (first meeting), which is scheduled to be held online at 22:15 pm, Thursday, May 14, 2020 G (21 Ramadan 1441H).

The Company is pleased to remind its valued shareholders that the online voting on the agenda of the above mentioned Assembly will start at 10:00 am, Sunday 10/5/2020H (17/09/1441H), and will continue until 23:00 pm on the Assembly day. However, if the necessary quorum is not attained for the first meeting, the second meeting will be held one hour after the first meeting, and the online voting timing will then be postponed to 24:00 pm, while the previous online voting will be automatically moved forward to the second meeting.

Attendance registration and voting will be available free of charge to all shareholders through Tadawolaty service at:

The Company would like to reiterate the Capital Market Authority’s Circular No. (S/5/2019/20) dated 16/03/2020G, which required that the general assemblies of listed joint-stock companies be held online, and that in-person assemblies be suspended until further notice, in order to ensure the safety of the capital market dealers and uphold the preventive and precautionary efforts and measures taken by the competent authorities in the Kingdom to prevent the spread of the new corona virus (COVID-19).

Shareholders may send their questions and inquiries related to Assembly's agenda through email:, or mobile 0551135356, with shareholder’s full name and ID number.

(Attached is a copy of the Shareholders Online Voting Guide)

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