Cement Plant of the Year – Yanbu Cement Co, Saudi Arabia

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In line with Yanbu Cement continuous success, the company was awarded the 'Best Cement Plant of the Year 2019' award at the Cemtech Europe conference held in Berlin, Germany earlier this month.

Yanbu Cement has been selected among its competitors from different countries for "Recognizing Excellence and Promoting Best Practice" in key areas including: sustainability and energy efficiency, increasing production capacity by 15% with minor capital investment and reducing carbon dioxide emissions in addition to the environment and safety excellence.

Dr. Ahmed Zugail, CEO of Yanbu Cement, said: “This triumph is a result of the new strategy put in place by the company three years ago which resulted in continuous development and achievements that have played a major role in ranking the company among the leading regional competitors in addition to the company’s constant pursuit of excellence and applying of best practices in accordance with international standards.

He added that this achievement is also credited to the government support to the local cement sector and for the great efforts made by our industrial performance team backed by the management trust and support for talents.

The Company realized these achievements under a strict policy of cost reduction and effective Saudization in its industrial sector.

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