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Graduate Development Program (GDP) is a new program designed for Saudi graduates who intend to pursue a career in the Capital Market. The duration of the program is 1-year - Full time rewarding journey that carries expedited learning and development, unlimited opportunities and advanced experience in the capital market. This program offers 9 tracks as follows:


Development and Management for Services and Products

Preferred Majors: Sales, Marketing, Business Management/Administration, Finance, Accounting or equivalent.

Business Innovation:

The trainee will participate in and gain experience through the following tasks:

  • Participating in explaining the advantages of the products or services offered to the prospective clients and follow up with them in order to close business deals.
  • Responding to clients’ queries regarding the products in a timely manner.
  • Assisting in developing innovative strategies to ensure clients continuity by taking their feedback and incorporate it into the growth plan.
  • Innovating new services suitable to the company’s strategy.
  • Assisting in managing and maintaining relationships to better serve the business development cycle.

Solution Management:

The trainee will participate in and gain experience through the following tasks:

  • Assisting in managing existing products & services in terms of governance, documentation, and relevant business support.
  • Contributing in initial assessment and evaluation of existing products/services in terms of economic viability, meeting clients’ needs;
  • Assisting in the development of new products & services, and enhancements to existing ones, to ensure proper implementation & launch.
  • Providing Business Innovation unit with needed information related to existing products & services specifications.
  • Contributing in managing deliverables in cross-departmental initiatives led by other departments.



Preferred Majors: Business Administration/ Management or equivalent

The trainee will participate in and gain experience through the following tasks:

  • Assisting in designing, conducting, and evaluating experimental operational models in order to make the processes more effective and efficient.
  • Researching and assisting in preparation of different proposals that define the proficiency of Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) to perform research that helps in its Issuer & Members operations development.
  • Building effective relationship with Clients while making sure that major concerns are reported to the top Management in order to resolve Custody issues.
  • Identifying and assisting in implementing appropriate Issuer & Members operations practices, in order to work towards reducing complexity and streamlining its services.
  • Assisting in identifying, and acquiring the internal and external capabilities required in order to make the Department a business enabler and a strategic advantage.
  • Assisting in developing reports regularly in order to highlight the controls and reviews conducted with the recommendations of the needed action.


Listing and Sales

Preferred Majors: Finance, Business Administration, Management of Information Systems (MIS), Accounting or equivalent.


The trainee will participate in and gain experience through the following tasks:

  • The capital market products.
  • The listing governance.
  • How the Relationship Managers (RMs) promote the markets.
  • Developing awareness materials.
  • Listing milestones.
  • The technicality in the listing process.
  • All services provided by Edaa.
  • The listing rules, and how to review the issuer’s file.
  • How the companies disclose their information, other disclosure obligation and how to use IFSAH system.
  • Supporting in building and managing the business plan of the department.
  • How to do research regarding global markets.
  • How to extract information from Bloomberg.
  • Morning Espresso Development.
  • Survey Development.
  • Listing Guide.

Member relations:

The trainee will participate in and gain experience through the following tasks:

  • Managing relationships with members in every aspect with a well-informed point of view in order to ensure information accuracy and understanding member feedback.
  • Providing support to members in regards to their needs.
  • Developing studies to identify new business opportunities.
  • Assisting in designing educational programs addressed to all market participants (investors, issuers and brokers) in forms of workshop/training, forums etc.
  • Following daily operations to ensure work continuity.



Preferred Majors: Finance, Business Administration, Management of Information Systems (MIS)or equivalent


The trainee will participate in and gain experience through the following tasks:

  • The products and services offered by the Markets.
  • The Trading System (Xstream iNET) by NASDAQ
  • The IFSAH system by IRIS
  • Tadawul's Website (WCM)

Market Information:

The trainee will participate in and gain experience through the following tasks:

  • Understanding Market Information /Member Relations.
  • Identifying Client Groups & Key Clients.
  • License & Agreements.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Revenue.
  • Operations (MI Operations, Operations, Disclosure).
  • Indices Maintenance.
  • Corporate Actions.
  • Reports.
  • IFSAH.
  • Indices Creation & Configurations.
  • Feed Administration & Configurations.
  • Market Data Products & Services.
  • Indices Products & Services.
  • Reference Data Products & Services.
  • Analytics Products & Services.



Preferred Majors: Law or equivalent


The trainee will participate in and gain experience through the following tasks:

  • Working on the Compliance Grid.
  • Receiving Disclosure from the employees.
  • Imbedding delegations details.
  • Authority Matrix-related tasks.

Policy and Advisory:

The trainee will participate in and gain experience through the following tasks:

  • Leading the development of Exchange's rules and regulations.
  • Providing advisory for the divisions in relation to new required rules/amendments.
  • Managing and oversee the provision of services by external consultants.
  • Interacting with the Exchange Divisions, Depository Center, and CCP to provide guidance on all aspects of business development and its effect on existing rules and regulations.


Human Resources

Preferred Majors: Business Administration, IT related majors, or equivalent.

HR development:

The trainee will participate in and gain experience through the following tasks:

  • Maintaining relationships with appropriate businesses and training institutes in order to ensure optimal training quality.
  • Assisting in coordinating and executing training needs assessment exercises on a regular basis in order to identify employee’s training needs and act accordingly.
  • Coordinating in the evaluation of training courses, trainers and trainees, and providing suggestions to improve offerings and services.
  • Supporting in identifying training needs, providing staff with training schedules, ensuring staff training attendance, and establishing induction programs for new recruits.
  • Maintaining the database of staff including their training needs, completed training programs, scheduled training programs, and career paths in order to enable healthier development plans.

Employee Relations:

The trainee will participate in and gain experience through the following tasks:

  • Acting as a first point of contact for employees and leaders to provide advice regarding employment and to answer clarifications on HR policies and processes through various communication channels.
  • Administrating the status of the work permits and visas to ensure that the employees’ files are legally accurate.
  • Liaising with Talent Acquisition on finalizing recruitment On-boarding administration that includes; finalizing new joiners contact, providing joining date to hiring managers and sending out joining announcements.
  • Updating the HR employee database with all new joiners’ information and any changes with focus on accuracy and timeliness.
  • Ensuring all legal issues are forwarded to legal functions.
  • Handling all aspects of disciplinary & Investigations. Writing reports about investigations & making disciplinary action aligned with HR policy under the guidance of Supervisor.
  • Administrating new hire Induction, onboarding and employment documents verification.

Organization Development:

The trainee will participate in and gain experience through the following tasks:

  • Supporting in the assessment of the organization structure against the strategy of the Exchange to ensure the right functions and roles are in place supporting the implementation of the strategy effectively.
  • Assisting in conducting job analysis in order to identify the content of the job description in terms of accountabilities, responsibilities, and qualifications to ensure the eligibility is in line with the organization structure and needs of the function.
  • Participating in following up with KPIs setting in order to accomplishment.
  • Reporting all performance appraisal after every appraisal cycle.

Talent Acquisition:

The trainee will participate in and gain experience through the following tasks:

  • Preparing and sharing offer letters with selected candidate, following-up, and answering queries in regards the compensation and job benefits or other related information and cooperating with the HR Operations to carry out their recruitment activities efficiently.
  • Preparing, recording and archiving all documentation related to the recruitment process (approvals, manpower plans, departmental requests, advertisement placements, interviews conducted, acceptances and rejections of employees).
  • Posting & Updating internal/external job openings on Tadawul's Career page, LinkedIn and other recruitment channels, and assisting in recruitments campaigns in order to represent the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) at universities events and career fairs locally and internationally.
  • Updating the Recruitment Tracker and report accurately each week on the status of all vacancies and the progress of candidates.
  • Updating applicant's information and tracking all recruitment activity in Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for accurate reporting of metrics.
  • Maintaining and updating the candidate CV, pipeline, and internal database.
  • Communicating and following-up with Recruiting agencies (if needed) for a specific assigned positions.


Information Security

Preferred Majors: Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Security, IT Security, Cyber Security or equivalent.

The trainee will participate in and gain experience through the following tasks:

  • Assisting in planning and implementing security measures to protect the Exchange’s Information systems, networks, and data.
  • Researching and exploring the latest intelligence trends and hacking methodologies in order to anticipate security breaches.
  • Assisting in development and implementation of policies, procedures, and standards relating to information security in order to protect the integrity and security of the Exchange’s institutional memory and data.
  • Maintaining and updating the Information Security Manual to tackle the identified information security issues and detect any divergence from policies, procedures, baselines, and controls.
  • Carrying out information security audit to assess the employees’ adherence levels with the information security policies and procedures, and detecting issues and risks related to data protection.
  • Recommending procedure enhancements through handling incidents to identify and rectify risks related to the security of information and data in a timely and effective manner without causing disturbance to the business operations.
  • Following up on the actions taken by the functions and departments to address the identified deficiencies and divergences, enhance the internal level of compliance, and maximize efficiency.


Corporate Strategy & Performance

Preferred Majors: Finance, Marketing, Economics or equivalent

The trainee will participate and gain experience through the following tasks:

  • Conducting a strategy analysis and identify strategic growth opportunities for Tadawul.
  • Developing / updating / reviewing the strategy document.
  • Aligning divisional strategies to the corporate strategy.
  • Performing merger & acquisition (M&A) related activities, if required.
  • Collecting and analyzing Market participant feedback, if required.
  • Developing / updating the business plan and financial model.
  • Setting and cascading the corporate KPIs.
  • Reviewing the corporate strategy.
  • Communicating the strategy & corporate KPIs.


IT Development and Digitalization

Preferred Majors: Computer Science, Information Systems, Management of Information Systems (MIS), Software Engineering, Network Engineering or equivalent.

Business Analysis:

The trainee will participate in and gain experience through the following tasks:

  • Tadawul, Edaa, CCP different systems and solutions and their relationships.
  • Tadawul, Edaa, CCP functions.
  • Receiving, managing, documenting and completing requests.
  • Generate the new BRD documents.
  • Updating and maintaining the SLA process.
  • Updating and maintaining the Business Analysis reports.
  • Engaging in the Business Analysis daily work.
  • Attending and managing the requirements workshops.

Internal System:

The trainee will participate in and gain experience through the following tasks:

  • The uses and benefits of SharePoint 2013.
  • Finding Content in SharePoint.
  • Working with lists.
  • Working with libraries.
  • Pages and Web Parts.
  • Apps and the App store.
  • Creating and managing Sites.
  • Learning how the SharePoint security model works and how to secure the content in their own SharePoint sites.
  • SharePoint Development & Workflows.
  • SharePoint Business Intelligence Services and features.
  • SharePoint Branding.
  • Document Management.

Digital Development:

The trainee will participate in and gain experience through the following tasks:

  • E-Reference & Tadawulaty Systems.
  • Requirements Gathering and Technical Writing.
  • Implementation and Development on Proposed Plan.
  • Delivering the final release and do the needed documentations.



Graduate Development Program (GDP) is designed to develop and hone the fresh graduates’ skills in a variety of different areas, and to give them opportunities to learn about the job. It suits candidates who enjoy being challenged, can come up with fresh ideas, and are excited to explore new things.

Benefits and Compensation:

  • Monthly salary according to the qualifications as follow:
    • SAR 10,000 for Bachelor
    • SAR 12,000 for Masters
  • GOSI Contribution by Tadawul, Edaa, and CCP.
  • Health Insurance to the trainees and their family (spouse, kids)
  • Annual leave is 21 calendar days
  • Fully paid official holidays.


Ready to Apply

Your career starts here. All you have to do now is get your application on its way.

Who are we looking for?

  • Full time Commitment.
  • Saudis only.
  • Bachelor or Master Holders from accredited universities by MoE within the last 12 months.
  • Applicants who have a good command of English language.


Application Process

Opening and Closing date will be announced soon.


Your online application will then go through a variety of strength-based selection methods, either face-to-face or online.


How to Apply?

Application form will be posted online on Tadawul's website ( The following documents shall be provided:

  • A copy of the Resume in English.
  • A copy of the transcript and the graduation certificate.
  • A copy of the national ID card.
  • A copy of the Post-Graduate General Aptitude Test (Qiyas) score, if any.
  • A copy of the English test score, if any.
  • A copy of the professional certificates such as SOCPA, CME, CPA, CFA, if any.