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Receiving Banks




Alinma Bank

Tel.:+966 11 2185555

Twitter: AlinmaBankSA


Arab National Bank Tel.:+966 800 1244141



Alrajhi Bank

Tel.:+966 920003344

Twitter: alrajhibank


Bank Albilad

Tel.:+966 920001002

Twitter: Bank Albilad


Bank AlJazira

Tel.:+966 920006666

Twitter: bankaljazira


Banque Saudi Fransi

Tel.:+966 11 4042222

Twitter: banque_fransi


The National Commercial Bank

Tel.:+966 920001000

Twitter: Alahlincb


Riyad Bank

Tel.:+966 920002470

Twitter: riyadhbank



Tel.:+966 920007222

Twitter: sabbbank


Samba Financial Group

Tel.:+966 11 4774770

Twitter: samba bank


The Saudi Investment Bank

Tel.:+966 800 124 8000

Twitter: Saiblive


Gulf International Bank

Tel.:+966 11 5103333

Twitter: Gulfintlbank


Alawwal Bank

Tel.:+966 800 124 3332

Twitter: Alawwalbank



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