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QFI Information Memorandum:

Key Framework Features:

Facilitating the QFI Framework:

Enforcing Foreign Ownership Limits Reporting Foreign Ownership Headroom
  Limits Applicable On Enforcement Mechanism Venue Frequency Timing
Restricted Stocks All Non-Saudis Systematically Enforced Exchange Website Static Entry
Zero Headroom
Post Market
10% or more Individual QFI Limit QFIs 

Systematically Enforced

Limited to QFIs 
Reported if Major Shareholders Triggered Event Post Market
49% Aggregate Foreign Limit All Non-Saudis (Ex GCC)
Includes Swap Holdings
Systematically Enforced Exchange Website Daily Post Market
General Investor Restrictions (Regulator / Bylaws) All Investors Not Systematically Enforced Exchange Website When Limit Changed Post Market

QFI Rules:

The Rules for Qualified Foreign Financial Institutions Investments in Listed Shares can be viewed under the following link.
The FAQ’s published by the CMA can be found under the following link.