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Market Information Services

The Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) collaborates with its clients (information providers and members) to provide reliable market information and data,  to ensure a productive flow of market data between issuers, investors, and partners, ultimately aiming at advancing the capital market in Saudi Arabia.

Market Data

Tadawul provides market data services related to all trading activities on the multiple asset classes listed on Tadawul. Multiple timing options are available to clients to choose from, whether real time or delayed, and depth options starting from Best Price (Level 1) to Full Depth. Moreover, historical data is available for all asset classes listed on Tadawul.

Market Data offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Best Price  information on last  sale price and  best bid and offer prices  for all instruments traded on Tadawul.
  • Market Depth information showing the last sale price plus the best 5 bid & offer prices  in the orderbook.
  • Premium which exploits the full depth within the orderbook, giving users access to additional price levels and access to information via multiple channels.
  • Mutual Funds Information where clients can access Master Data, Price and Valuation Information of all Saudi domiciled Mutual Funds in a one stop shop.
  • Market Data Feed (MDF), for clients who would like to source market information directly from the exchange.

New Market Information Products & License 

Starting May 7th 2017, Tadawul has introduced the following new products and license:

Analytics are a set of indicators about the liquidity within the order book, including, but not limited to, Price, Volume and Competition Indicators. For more information about the Analytics product, please click here
Investors can subscribe through Tadawul’s authorized Information Providers and authorized Members

Tick Data:
Tick Data includes historical intraday details of trades, orders’ prices, indices movements, and canceled orders. 
For more information about the Tick Data product, please click here
Investors can subscribe through Tadawul’s authorized Information Providers and authorized Members

Non Display License:
The Non-Display License  (NDL) authorize the licensee for use of market data in business activities involving automated trading and creation of Derived Data including Risk Management, Quantitative Analysis, and Asset Management. 
Any other use of Information including the Creation of Indices and Pricing of Financial Products will require a separate license from Tadawul. For more Information about Non Display License, please clickhere


Indices Services

Tadawul calculates public Equity & Fixed Income markets indices. Additionally, multiple license options are available to Index Providers and Asset Managers to cater for any additional indices needs.

Market Indices offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Index Creation: Tadawul offers Indices Creation License for clients to calculate indices based on Tadawul’s information. 
  • Index Linkage: these licenses allows clients to link their financial products to either Tadawul’s indices or their own indices based on Tadawul’s information.  
  • Index Calculation: Tadawul offers custom indices calculation services for ETF Issuers, or Asset Managers, as well as quarterly maintenance services for these indices.
  • Index Information Publishing: For those seeking maximum exposure to their indices, Tadawul offers its clients the option to publish their custom indices on Tadawul’s website.
  • Index Weightage Report: A daily report for companies’ weights in Tadawul indices, generated at the end of each trading day, including but not limited to, constituents close values, total turnover & volume, Issued & Free Float Shares, Full & Free Float market cap, and weight in Tadawul All Share Index (TASI).

Reference Data

Tadawul provides information on all listed securities covering issuers information, securities identifiers, market news, corporate announcements and financial statements. 

Reference Data offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Mutual Funds Valuation Report: A daily report on mutual funds’ units valuation, Net Assets Value, as well as the Unit Valuation Change (YTD). History of valuations is maintained for historical analysis requirements. 
  • Issuers Information: Tadawul offers listed companies with market information on their listed  securities such as the last price, total volume, total value, number of trades, market capitalization and net income to be displayed on their website.

For more information on the services provided, please call us at +966 92000 1919. You may also contact us via email at