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About Tadawulaty

Tadawulaty is a suite of services offered by the Securities Depository Centre Company in cooperation with its members. It holds a bundle of new financial services targeted at investors and issuers. Services offered aim at benefiting the investment community within the Saudi capital market, by providing value-added services to the market’s participants. The services provided aim at:

  • Increasing the level of confidence and transparency regarding investors’ ownerships and rights.
  • Empowering investors by enabling them to conveniently exercise their voting rights, inquire on their dividend entitlements, receive alerts and notifications on certain important events, etc.
  • Bridging the gap between listed companies and their shareholders , as well as enhancing communication and information exchange amongst them.
  • Providing a convenient and direct reporting mechanism from the ultimate source of information (Securities Depository Centre) to different market participants.
  • Offering an on-going process for validating and updating information maintained at Tadawul.

To access Tadawulaty website, please (click here).

For more information on the services provided, please call us at +966 92000 1919. You may also contact us via email at csc@tadawul.com.sa